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Air Liquide has been producing in the United Kingdom since 2004 and deliver gas solutions to a wide range of industries including metal fabrication, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage and the offshore oil and gas industries as well as supplying medical gases to hospitals and healthcare professionals.
The Liquid Gas is first distilled and then removed from the site by road tankers. There are seven filling stations on site each controlled via a Human Machine Interface (HMI) and the Weighbridge System is used to weigh the tankers, input driver details, vehicle identification and product ID.
    A filled tanker ready to leave the site
By weighing the road tanker both when empty and when loaded, the load carried by the vehicle can then calculated.
The existing system was outdated and needed to be upgraded with a more modern system whilst maintaining the current Quality Control System on site.
Opensoft Systems were chosen to upgrade the existing Weighbridge System and the Filling Station HMI’s replacing both the obsolete hardware and software and integrating the Weighbridge System and Quality Facility into a single system.
This would give the operator the ability to visualise the information logged by the driver and also perform gas analysis at the same time.

The Weighbridge contained a Sabre 827 display and an input pad, connected via an RS232 link to the Control Room Weighbridge PC.
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The Control Room houses an ABB Freelance DCS system, SCADA Server and Client, the Weighbridge PC, Quality System, Data Historian and Client software. The Historian Client reading data from the Historian Server and the data from the Quality System and Weighbridge, automatically.
The analyser room contains the analyser system instrumentation and Quality System PLC.
The Weighbridge and Quality System were integrated and renamed the ‘Tanker Filling System’ enabling the operator to visualise the details logged by the drivers and analyse the data from the Quality System. The new Driver Console itself was networked via Ethernet to the Tanker Filling System which was in turn integrated with the gas analysers from the Weighbridge.
All the original Filling Station HMI’s were upgraded to the latest models and connected via Profibus to the Control Room Systems and the Data Historian. All services being designed developed and deployed by the Opensoft Systems Engineering Team.
The UK Primary Process Plant Manager Commented:
‘Opensoft Systems have undertaken a number of projects for the business now and have always delivered our projects in a well-executed manner.
Due to the age of the Weighbridge Systems original deployment, there were many elements which we as owners of the system were not 100% sure as to how the system operated. Through Opensoft’s prior due diligence these
upfront risks were removed by analysing the current system. Our new system was delivered on time and the handover and training of our plant personnel went smoothly. Thank you to all involved’,       


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