About the Client

Grundon Waste Managment engaged the services of Opensoft Systems after listening to an issue we were experiencing in the Baling area of our MRF (Material Recycling Facility) operations. Our Baler loads recyclable material, where it is compacted to a manageable bale for on processing.
The Baling / Bunker Area on the site is an incredibly noisy area to work in, so mobile phones or 2-way radios for communication with the control room are not a practical option.
Communication is usually done visually by the operators in the Baling / Bunker area and the Control Room operator. This relies on an operator being in the Control Room at the same time and more importantly, physically being able to visually see which Baler / Bunker the operator needs to stop or open. This method was not only impractical and frustrating but also time-consuming.
What was needed was for the control of the Bunker / Baler area SCADA (supervisory control & data acquisition) system to be handed over from the Control Room to the operators working in that area and for the operators in the area to stop and open the required Bunkers and Balers as required.

Project Scope

Following discussion with Opensoft, they proposed a solution that involved installing a secondary Control Screen in the Bunker / Baler area linked directly to the Control Room Systems via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). This effectively enabled control locally to allow operators to complete their operation on the Baler.  Following which, control was returned to the main control room.
Opensoft advised us on the Ethernet cabling required. A network switch was located into the main PLC cabinet which enabled connectivity of their new industrial panel mount PC. Commissioning and training were undertaken within one day without any disturbance in our operations.


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Ferrybridge Mulitfuel
Lead Systems Engineer
“A new facility was due to be constructed so our team needed to be sufficiently skilled with Siemens S7 PLC maintenance, ready to hit the ground running.Opensoft have a proven track record with other power stations so we were confident in their abilities.[...]”
Project Manager
“I would just like to express my thanks to your Engineering Support Team as you have helped us recently.Owing to an erroneous update we experienced a failure of our iHistorian data historian.[...]”