About the Client

Meadow Foods is the UK’s largest independent dairy and a leading supplier of milk and dairy ingredients to the food industry. Their products are categorised into Butters, Creams, Milks, and Cultured & Sweetened products. These are manufactured in three BRC 6, Grade A, accredited factories and packed into a wide variety of pack sizes to suit their customer’s needs. These factories are utilised to supply over 100,000 tonnes of bulk dairy products to their customers.
The processing plant is situated 20 miles South-East of York. It offers around the clock production and manufactures the full range of their sweetened dairy products which are distributed to some of the world’s leading food manufacturers.

Project Scope

In order to cope with around the clock production and to help drive continuous process improvement across their production operations, the company required greater visibility of plant data.  Following consultation with Opensoft Systems Ltd, it was agreed to deploy a Data Historian to efficiently collect and store real time data, in order to drive proces
improvements through greater understanding of plant data. The historian allows the business to monitor key metrics relating to process operations throughout the plant.

Opensoft Systems were chosen to implement the new historian owing to their wealth of experience in integrating automation software across fast moving process operations. Opensoft recommended Wonderwares’ data historian, lending itself well to real time process analysis required by the site. The system linked seamlessly to the sites Kepserver I/O server providing a real time data stream across the plants Mitsubishi Q Series PLCs.

CIP (clean in place) is an important requirement for any food production facility, a change in products manufactured requires a thorough clean of all process equipment prior to re-utilisation for new recipes. Process values such as clean type, temperature and pressure must be captured by the system for each clean which acts as proof of traceability for end customers and regulatory bodies.
Following system implementation, training was provided to assist personnel in understanding the configuration of the historian server’s utilities, management of the system, data analysis and production of reports. The software allows for information to be reported in a variety of ways from trends to tabularised data allowing data to be exported to Excel for further analysis.


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Ferrybridge Mulitfuel
Lead Systems Engineer
“A new facility was due to be constructed so our team needed to be sufficiently skilled with Siemens S7 PLC maintenance, ready to hit the ground running.Opensoft have a proven track record with other power stations so we were confident in their abilities.[...]”
Project Manager
“I would just like to express my thanks to your Engineering Support Team as you have helped us recently.Owing to an erroneous update we experienced a failure of our iHistorian data historian.[...]”