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Project Manager
“I would just like to express my thanks to your Engineering Support Team as you have helped us recently. Owing to an erroneous update we experienced a failure of our iHistorian data historian. As you are aware the historian is used as a storage centre for our furnace data so is of critical importance to us.

The result being that the historian required a rebuild and the historical data restoring back to our VM Servers. The response from your support team has been first class, the best support I have experienced. From start to finish the rebuild took only two days which is nothing short of phenomenal.

I would have no hesitation in recommending your Support Services to others. Many thanks to all involved.”
Ross & Catherall - Doncasters Group
Simatic Panel PC Upgrade
“We needed advice on what we could do, so Opensoft came out to see us very promptly the next day where they were able to outline the options available to us concisely.

In the end, we opted for a full upgrade, as this was the best solution presented to us.

Many thanks to Opensoft and the team for our new upgrades.

We have already identified further projects for Opensoft to assist with and look forward to our continued partnership.

Engineering Manager”
Biffa Waste Services
Site Electrical Engineering Manager
“Site Electrical Engineering Manager commented:

I am pleased with how this project has progressed.From start to finish the objectives were well defined and the documentation supporting our project has been first class.

A number of long-standing communications issues on our network caused some problems along the way, however, these were handled expertly as encountered by the Opensoft team and the project brought to a successful conclusion.

Thank you to all involved with this project”
Ibstock Brick
Ibstock Factory Manager
“The plant had experienced a number of ‘after the event occurrences’, where operational difficulties had been encountered which led to valuable production losses.

An Industrial Data Historian was installed to enable the real-time collection of all defined plant data and the data compression provided by the Historian enabled a higher volume of data to be logged over a conventional Relational Database.

The data historian was used to stream ‘live’ performance data to a series of dashboards providing operations staff with a real-time view of their production environment.

The Factory Manager commented:

Since implementing the system it has provided us with a real-time insight into the factories status at any point in time.

This has enabled us to react quicker to downtime situations and has given us the ability to better understand faults to help drive improvements.

The historian provides an extremely useful feature in giving us the ability to better analyse past faults and understand the root cause.”
Titan Steel Wheels
Production Engineering Manager
“Opensoft Systems were approached to take a look at the control system within Titan Steel Wheels Paint Facility.

The application was re-developed using Wonderware - InTouch software and integrated into the existing PLC 5 hardware.

The SCADA system was upgraded to the latest version of Wonderware InTouch SCADA 2014 R2 - SP1 and deployed on a modern PC running a Windows 10 Operating System.

Production Engineering Manager said:

In updating the top end SCADA system and leaving the original PLC in place Opensoft Systems were able to deliver and deploy a solution that was not only cost-effective but practical too.

We are very happy with the recent project.”
Air Liquide
The UK Primary Process Plant Manager Commented:
“Opensoft Systems were chosen to upgrade the existing Weighbridge System and the Filling Station HMI’s replacing both the obsolete hardware and software and integrating the Weighbridge System and Quality Facility into a single system.

The new Driver Console itself was also networked via Ethernet to the Tanker Filling System which was integrated with the gas analysers from the Weighbridge.

All the original Filling Station HMI’s were upgraded to the latest models and connected via Profibus to the Control Room Systems and the sites Data Historian.

The UK Primary Process Plant Manager Commented:

Opensoft Systems have undertaken a number of projects for the business now and have always delivered our projects in a well-executed manner.

Through Opensoft’s prior due diligence these upfront risks were removed by analysing the current system.

Our new system was delivered on time and the handover and training of our plant personnel went smoothly.

Thank you to all involved.”
Jotun Scunthorpe
Site System Specialists
“Opensoft Systems Ltd were recently chosen to assist us with implementing a numbers enhancements across our plant control systems.

Following the work on site, a two-day training session was set up to help with knowledge transfer.

We wanted an adapted / bespoke course to cover not only our SCADA system but our on-site PLC’s at the same time and help us to better understand the interaction between them.
Opensoft developed a two-day training course for us and used our own SCADA and PLC code as the basis for the training for added familiarisation.

Training was delivered away from the site at Opensofts Offices and Training Facility in Knaresborough.

JG said:
Learned A Lot – Very Valuable – Brilliantly Delivered – Thanks.


M.B. Scored the course at 10/10 for Course Content, Tutor and Facilities.”
Grundon Waste Managment
Site Electrical Engineer
“Grundon Waste Managment engaged the services of Opensoft Systems regarding an issue we were experiencing in the Baling area of our MRF (Material Recycling Facility) operations.

Following discussion with Opensoft, they proposed a solution that involved installing a secondary Control Screen in the Bunker / Baler area linked directly to the Control Room Systems via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol).

This effectively enabled control locally to allow operators to complete their operation on the Baler. Following which, control was returned to the main control room.

Grundon Site Electrical Engineer said:

The solution was implemented well and serves our needs perfectly. It enables the operation of the Baler smoothly and safely.

Thanks to all involved.”
Meadow Foods
Meadow Foods Engineering Manager
“Opensoft Systems were chosen to implement the new historian owing to their wealth of experience in integrating automation software across fast-moving process operations.

The system linked seamlessly to the sites Kepserver I/O server providing a real-time data stream across the plants Mitsubishi Q Series PLCs.

Following system implementation, training was provided to assist personnel in understanding the configuration of the historian server’s utilities, management of the system, data analysis and production of reports.

'Meadow Foods’ Group Engineering Manager commented:

We needed a tool that allowed us to understand after-the-event issues across our plant. Opensoft installed the historian with minimal fuss and aligned the reports to our needs very well.”
Jotun Scunthorpe
Jotun Site Engineering Manager
“Opensoft Systems Ltd was chosen as the contractor to upgrade the existing control system necessary to enable the production facilities automation systems to accommodate a planned upgrade.

Jotun’s Site Engineering Manager comments:

Opensoft have worked well to accommodate our tight deadlines on this project and have worked efficiently from start to finish.

Due to the criticality of our existing operations on site, it was imperative that Opensoft worked closely with our systems team in Norway to ensure a seamless integration of the new tank farm.

I would like to thank all involved.”
Hope Construction Materials
Assistant Quarry Manager
“We commissioned Opensoft Systems to assist us with making adjustments to our InFeed PLC code to reflect physical movement of several conveyors at our Holme Hall Quarry site near Rotherham.

Upon visiting the quarry, Opensoft’s expertise highlighted the necessity to carry out a commenting exercise for our Siemen’s PLC code prior to any changes being made.

As part of the commenting process, Opensoft included site visits to our quarry to review the PLC code and how it affects the physical processes within the plant. Code changes were then made to reflect the conveyor moves.

Their engineers were very knowledgeable and carried out the whole project in a punctual and professional manner. We used Opensoft as our preferred contractor due to previous experience of utilising their unique AVS software and look forward to working with them going forward.”
Marton's PLC
Head Brewer
“We asked Opensoft Systems to implement their AVS backup and recovery system for our Wonderware SCADA system.

The system provides control of our brewing facility and is vital in ensuring our Brewery’s production is maintained.

Utilising their AVS software to virtualise our SCADA system provides us with peace of mind that the system and key plant data is kept securely and readily available in the event of hardware failure.

I would highly recommend the AVS product to any production operation as a means of enabling your system hardware to be upgraded and in providing greater resilience to your key production systems.”
Kerry Group
Engineering Manager
“Opensoft Systems provided us with a manufacturing execution solution to replace our existing process control interface. The solution is fully automated and incorporates full system redundancy and batch reporting across our manufacturing operations. The system is seamlessly integrated into our business IT layer ensuring complete continuity with our production planning tools.Thank you to all for a well managed and integrated project. Detailed, well considered planning and accurate documentation, ensured successful commissioning of the new system without any noticeable disruption to our production operation.”
Magna Automotive
Engineering Manager
“Many thanks for the work carried out by your applications engineer, Daniel.

He visited our site recently to address a long-standing communications issue with our InTouch SCADA system which previous attempts by another integration provider could not resolve.”
Luxfer Gas Cylinders
Works Engineer
“Opensoft successfully implemented a SCADA and Data Historian solution for our gas cylinder heat treatment area.

The system has been of great benefit in providing us with reliable data collection and a secure means of backing up our heat treatment furnace profiles.

The system is now a critical business tool for our operation.

Thank you to your team for a smooth implementation. ”
HJ Heinz
Site Electrical Engineering Manager
“Opensoft provided a system upgrade on a key SCADA system operating our production facility.

We needed to maintain the existing functionality of the SCADA system, passing key production data from the process to our SAP server.

We involved Opensoft in the initial project design phase with our Production Process and IT team.

The development work was completed swiftly and commissioning of the system went smoothly and against our objectives.

We would definitely consider the Opensoft Systems team for any future projects.”
Celtic Anglian Water
Lead Control System Engineer
“Opensoft Systems have implemented for us a Data Historian, for the secure collection, storage and reporting for our site's operational and environmental reporting requirements.

We then asked them to deploy their AVS backup and recovery solution for our main Wonderware, InTouch SCADA nodes.

The system provides us with secure daily data backup and application recovery solution.

These systems provide direct communication and data retrieval from our plant PLC's, their continued operation is therefore critical to us.

It was clear on both projects that their expertise and knowledge was high which gave us the confidence to invest in both solutions.

We are considering extending AVS to encompass other systems within our plant. ”
Avery Dennison
Maintenance Manager
“Opensoft undertook a project for us to integrate our MRP System to our machines SCADA control system.

Although not a defined project, we knew clearly what we wanted to achieve. .This involved integration to our MRP/SQL system and understanding our production order execution requirements.

Opensoft seamlessly integrated the product order and recipe make up from our MRP system, automatically to our plant SCADA system.

Additional control precautions were also put in place to prevent operators producing products to the wrong machine set up.

The whole project was executed smoothly and simply in what could have easily been over complicated.

I would recommend Opensoft Systems for any similar projects you are considering. Thank you to all involved.”