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Project Manager
“I would just like to express my thanks to your Engineering Support Team as you have helped us recently. Owing to an erroneous update we experienced a failure of our iHistorian data historian. As you are aware the historian is used as a storage centre for our furnace data so is of critical importance to us.

The result being that the historian required a rebuild and the historical data restoring back to our VM Servers. The response from your support team has been first class, the best support I have experienced. From start to finish the rebuild took only two days which is nothing short of phenomenal.

I would have no hesitation in recommending your Support Services to others. Many thanks to all involved.”
Hope Construction Materials
Assistant Quarry Manager
“We commissioned Opensoft Systems to assist us with making adjustments to our InFeed PLC code to reflect physical movement of several conveyors at our Holme Hall Quarry site near Rotherham.

Upon visiting the quarry, Opensoft’s expertise highlighted the necessity to carry out a commenting exercise for our Siemen’s PLC code prior to any changes being made.

As part of the commenting process, Opensoft included site visits to our quarry to review the PLC code and how it affects the physical processes within the plant. Code changes were then made to reflect the conveyor moves.

Their engineers were very knowledgeable and carried out the whole project in a punctual and professional manner. We used Opensoft as our preferred contractor due to previous experience of utilising their unique AVS software and look forward to working with them going forward.”
Air Liquide
UK Primary Process Plant Manager
“We recently commissioned Opensoft Systems to provide us with greater resilience in our main control system.

The system is critical to our site operations and the continuous production of CO2.

They implemented the required engineering modifications across our SCADA and PLC systems swiftly and professionally,the system now provides the added security which we require for our round the clock operations.

Their engineers were punctual, highly knowledgeable and very professional at all times, ensuring a smooth transition.”
Site Electrical Engineer
“We recently called on Opensoft following a failure of a critical PLC operating our UF Filtration Plant resulting in in-operability of our plant.

Despite not having a support contract in place with Opensoft, they responded promptly out of hours, to our call, diagnosed the fault and had an engineer to site who promptly fixed the fault.

I would highly recommend Opensoft for any future associated control works.

Thanks again to all involved in resolving this fault.”
Premier Foods
Automation Operations Manager
“We chose Opensoft's AVS system to provide a much needed upgrade and application resilience to our Line 1 production facility. Our existing InTouch SCADA system had been in situ since 1998 and ran on the Windows NT platform connected to Siemens S5 PLC's.

The hardware the system ran on was naturally becoming a concern to us due to its age and the increasing potential for the SCADA PC hardware to fail.We liked the simplicity at which AVS allowed us to upgrade to the latest Windows operating software whilst retaining our existing InTouch software. The solution also allowed us to remove our legacy serial communications from the SCADA PC's to the plant in favour of Ethernet.

We opted for the AVS server module to provide ongoing data and application backups going forward to what is a critical production facility operating 24 x 7. We are now considering deploying AVS to other areas of our facility. Thank you to all at Opensoft who were involved in our deployment.”
Cott Beverages
Plant Electrical Engineering Manager
“Thank you to your team for providing a swift and prompt response following the hard drive failure of our Syrup 1 SCADA system. From arriving at your premises the day prior with said PC in hand were backup and running the following day. We now intend to implement your AVS solution to avoid this happening in the future.”
Production Manager
“I recently called on Opensoft Systems to handle a long standing communications problem with our Wonderware SCADA systems, which a previous vendor had failed to address.

They diagnosed the issue pretty much over the phone and their engineer implemented their recommendations to a successful conclusion.

We subsequently asked them to undertake a Site Audit of our systems to help identify other areas for improvement that we could make across our site.

We now have a support contract in place with Opensoft to provide expertise across.”
Senior Plant Engineer
“Your AVS software has provided us with the security of regular automated data backup processes and the peace of mind that we have instant recovery of our SCADA application in the event of a SCADA PC failure.

The added benefit of your AVS software, allowing us to effectively upgrade our old SCADA PC's to Windows 7 and new hardware, is a real plus.

Thanks to everyone involved at Opensoft Systems.”
Site Electrical Engineer
“We employed the services of Opensoft Systems to integrate our InTouch SCADA system to a Citect system, which communicated to a Siemens S7 PLC controlling our evaporator process.

The project was well executed with zero downtime to our production process at commissioning stage.

I would highly recommend Opensoft for any works you are considering.”
Avery Dennison
Maintenance Manager
“Opensoft undertook a project for us to integrate our MRP System to our machines SCADA control system.

Although not a defined project, we knew clearly what we wanted to achieve. .This involved integration to our MRP/SQL system and understanding our production order execution requirements.

Opensoft seamlessly integrated the product order and recipe make up from our MRP system, automatically to our plant SCADA system.

Additional control precautions were also put in place to prevent operators producing products to the wrong machine set up.

The whole project was executed smoothly and simply in what could have easily been over complicated.

I would recommend Opensoft Systems for any similar projects you are considering. Thank you to all involved.”
Operations Manager
“Opensoft have provided a high level of support for our IT control systems across a number of our metal processing & production facilities for the past four years.

I particularly like the flexibility their contract offers our business.

We have utilised their contract services for downtimes situations, PLC and SCADA modifications and to provide our electrical technicians with maintenance focused training.”
IT Infrastructure Site Leader
“Our application support contract has provided us with prompt and reliable service across our key manufacturing control systems within the business.

We have always found Opensoft personnel to be attentive to our needs, responsive and have always provided us with sound technical advice.

We would highly recommend Opensoft's technical and engineering support services.”
Norboard Europe Ltd
Site Electrical Engineer
“Opensoft's training was targeted to improve our engineers' confidence in getting online to our PLC’s and being able to diagnose and fault find quickly.

This is especially important to us in a downtime situation. Our control systems comprise of Control Logix PLC’s with DeviceNet and ControlNet communications to the plant I/O.

Rather than take three separate training courses, Opensoft integrated our communication types into the standard PLC course to give our engineers an understanding of how the PLC communicates across these networks, a vital component of the training.

I would recommend Opensoft Systems training to anyone considering a practical PLC course.”