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H+H UK Ltd
Lead Controls Engineer
“H+H UK Ltd are new customers of Opensoft Systems. We have three Aircrete block factories, one based in Kent and two in Yorkshire. It was the Pollington factory where the training took place.

We used Opensoft Systems to provide and deliver a training course on 'Basic Digital Electronics & Introduction to PLCs' The course was very informative and all staff who attended found it useful, especially the mechanical technicians. Our feedback on the day was very positive as all participants enjoyed the course and thought the content was aimed at the right level for their skill set. The group on the course were a mixture, some new to this area, whilst others were more seasoned.Unanimously, though, the response was that everyone had gained from the course.

Whilst we don’t have the need to use Opensoft Systems regularly, we would have no concern recommending them, both as a company and the course content provided.”
BSW Timber
Group Training Manager
“I originally approached Opensoft Systems as we were looking for a training partner to upskill engineers across our group and they were highly recommended to me by a colleague who had previously attended one of their courses.

The tutor was able to accurately cover the basics, right through to intermediate maintenance skill level, with a friendly and approachable manner.

One engineer commented that this was the most comprehensive and professional course they have ever taken.

Due to the success, we will be working with Opensoft at our other sites nationwide for further training. ”
Ibstock Brick
Ibstock Factory Manager
“The plant had experienced a number of ‘after the event occurrences’, where operational difficulties had been encountered which led to valuable production losses.

An Industrial Data Historian was installed to enable the real-time collection of all defined plant data and the data compression provided by the Historian enabled a higher volume of data to be logged over a conventional Relational Database.

The data historian was used to stream ‘live’ performance data to a series of dashboards providing operations staff with a real-time view of their production environment.

The Factory Manager commented:

Since implementing the system it has provided us with a real-time insight into the factories status at any point in time.

This has enabled us to react quicker to downtime situations and has given us the ability to better understand faults to help drive improvements.

The historian provides an extremely useful feature in giving us the ability to better analyse past faults and understand the root cause.”
Hope Construction Materials
Assistant Quarry Manager
“We commissioned Opensoft Systems to assist us with making adjustments to our InFeed PLC code to reflect physical movement of several conveyors at our Holme Hall Quarry site near Rotherham.

Upon visiting the quarry, Opensoft’s expertise highlighted the necessity to carry out a commenting exercise for our Siemen’s PLC code prior to any changes being made.

As part of the commenting process, Opensoft included site visits to our quarry to review the PLC code and how it affects the physical processes within the plant. Code changes were then made to reflect the conveyor moves.

Their engineers were very knowledgeable and carried out the whole project in a punctual and professional manner. We used Opensoft as our preferred contractor due to previous experience of utilising their unique AVS software and look forward to working with them going forward.”
Senior Plant Engineer
“Your AVS software has provided us with the security of regular automated data backup processes and the peace of mind that we have instant recovery of our SCADA application in the event of a SCADA PC failure.

The added benefit of your AVS software, allowing us to effectively upgrade our old SCADA PC's to Windows 7 and new hardware, is a real plus.

Thanks to everyone involved at Opensoft Systems.”
Norboard Europe Ltd
Site Electrical Engineer
“Opensoft's training was targeted to improve our engineers' confidence in getting online to our PLC’s and being able to diagnose and fault find quickly.

This is especially important to us in a downtime situation. Our control systems comprise of Control Logix PLC’s with DeviceNet and ControlNet communications to the plant I/O.

Rather than take three separate training courses, Opensoft integrated our communication types into the standard PLC course to give our engineers an understanding of how the PLC communicates across these networks, a vital component of the training.

I would recommend Opensoft Systems training to anyone considering a practical PLC course.”