Opensoft Systems were approached to take a look at the control system within Titan Steel Wheels
Paint Facility. The operation had a Wonderware InTouch SCADA system which monitors the paint Electrophoretic facility process.

The original installation was carried out in the mid 90’s but now the SCADA Operating System
hardware (Windows 95) had started to fail.

The SCADA could not be migrated to a v
irtualised environment due to corruptions caused through
multiple re-boots of the system. The application was re-developed using Wonderware - InTouch software and integrated into the existing PLC 5 hardware.

The SCADA system was upgraded to the latest version of Wonderware InTouch SCADA 2014 R2 - SP1 and deployed on a modern PC running a Windows 10 Operating System.
During the commissioning of the system, the SCADA communications were established by configuring an OPC Server within Wonderware to an RSLinx gateway. This interface was then
connected to the original PLC using an RSLinx gateway and a Rockwell USB Network adapter.