The deloyment of the company's AVS (active virtualisation software) system has delivered stability and improved performance to one of the UK’s busiest distribution hubs.

The system is used for the continous monitoring of the company's vast conveying system which is monitored by an InTouch based SCADA system. The  system facilitates the distribution of household goods to over 400 plus UK wide outlets. The system is vitally important in facilitating continous distribution.

The company invested in AVS to enable the systems ageing hardware and software operating systems to be replaced. Rack mounted servers were deployed with Windows Server operating systems (OS), each configured with AVS Server software which provides dual redundancy to the sites many SCADA clients. Client PC hardware and software was replaced using thin client technology to improve the operator terminals speed of response and reduce hardware maintenance.

‘The system provided us with a much needed migration to secure manageable server hardware and supported Operating Systems’. ‘The systems speed of operation and application redundancy feature provided by AVS, provides us with the security of operation which we required for this production critical system’, comments the company's Head of IT Systems.