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We provide system design advice for improving existing systems through to designing new system installations across your manufacturing facilities. Our design service extends to defining both User and Functional Requirements through to Technical Design Specifications.

Our solutions

Our solutions encompass all industrial systems. From PLC & SCADA upgrades to the delivery of virtualised environments for your control systems and disaster recovery.


We undertake the delivery of plant wide Manufacturing Execution Systems and integration to ERP and 3rd Party applications. Our team have the expertise and capability to deliver at any level, whether it be working with your existing systems or developing new applications.

With ever increasing demands on plant and manufacturing efficiency it is becoming more important to ensure plant systems are kept operational at all times.

Failure in these systems can lead to drops in production output and costly downtime. Recovering systems often requires specialist expertise, not readily available when you need it most.


Active Virtualisation Software (AVS) provides you with a complete data and SCADA application recovery system for your plant, in addition to providing a clear upgrade path to ensure systems are kept on more modern supportable operating systems and hardware.